Dr. Anand Iyengar
anand.iyengar@tajhotels.com | +917507773635
Professor and Dean: Teaching & Learning

Ph.D. in Corporate Governance, Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Commerce.


Dr. Iyengar is an accomplished academician with a vision for intellectual excellence and a commitment to empower young minds with research methodologies. His core subjects are Strategic Management, Financial Accounting and Management, equipped ably with management skills – Dr. Iyengar serves as a Professor & Dean – Teaching & Learning.


Being associated with IHM-A for the last 16 years, he has been actively involved in all academic initiatives meant towards creating a cohesive learning environment for our students.


Apart from participating in the teaching aspect of academics Dr. Iyengar is also a celebrated writer with multiple publications to his credit. He has authored Hotel Finance (2008) New Delhi: Oxford University Press, published journals in the International Journal of Revenue Management (2012), and white papers understanding the Role of NED’s in the Internationalization Process and Corporate Governance Practices of Global Hotel Corporations.


In his free time, Dr. Iyengar is often humming soulful classic renditions of acclaimed music exponents. Being a trained vocalist himself, Dr. Iyengar is quite a crowd enthraller ardently strumming his sitar to the tune of unforgettable classics often on public demand.