• Culturing The Mind For A New Reality – Dr. Satish Jayaram

    • May 19, 2020
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    Our students will learn, our staff will be trained, our guests will expect more, though it may appear like less.

    The premium on care will go up and we must only prepare to deliver this wholly –

    1. Care begins with oneself, if care-givers are in great shape, delivering a genuine experience becomes easier.

    2.Demonstrating care is an invisible emotion, but it is visible through objective processes that are truly felt.

    3. Material comfort alone through objects will need to be redefined since the basic value of care is in simplicity.

    4. Hospitality is in the doing rather than in the showing of it and avoiding excess will aid long term sustainability.

    5. Training the mind to really expect less as the new more but of high quality will redefine the new luxury of living fully.

    6. Respect for people in service delivery as much as respect for oneself will empower an entire community of care-givers.

    7. Leading by example will become a necessity, to create a culture of care, safety, strength and resilience.

    8. Minimalism will become a way of life and expectations will need to be refined to value our resources.

    9. Invisible service will need to become tangible through measurable dimensions like time, speed and accuracy.

    10. Delight will be measured through the subtle art of appreciating life and living, in its simplest form, that starts with a smile.

    Breathe deeply, live fully, be calm, stay safe and stay strong for all that is yet to be done. We all have a great responsibility to rebuild the new world sustainably. Humanity must last longer in spite of the challenges that will come and go as time passes irrevocably.

    Stay prepared, stay charged and stay ready to deliver with your signature smile.

    Very best wishes,

    Prof. Satish Jayaram, PhD.

    Principal : IHM-Aurangabad


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