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    Mr. Charles Cointreau (Vice-President, APAC for LCB International) at IHM-A

    16 May 2019
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    Graduation Day (Class of 2018) Held at IHM-A

    28 February 2019
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    ZBC Chef Kasper Hansen Conducts Masterclass at IHM-Aurangabad

    19 September 2018
  • Shivendra Selvam

    Every aspect of my job is something which IHMA has inculcated in me through its course structure! It is well balanced with hands on experience on the various job roles of a hotelier and at the same time academically well planned - this allows you to express yourself and be well informed of the decision you make.

    Shivendra SelvamAccount Manager for South and Central Asia, STR.Class of 2017
  • Shehzad Bhinder

    IHM-A was the best thing that happened to me. It was the wisest decision on my part to be a part of the finest institution of the country.

    I must say I had the most wonderful time learning and evolving under great mentors like Mr. Rushad Kavina, Mr. Rakesh Katyayani, Chef Samir Mulaokar, Mr. Arun Sharma, Mr. Saurabh Krishna and all the other faculty.
    I’m grateful to each one of them for shaping me and giving me the wings to fly.

    Shehzad BhinderAssistant Manager Events at Novotel Resort & Spa & Novotel Goa ShremClass of 2017
  • Chahat Saini

    IHM Aurangabad gave me a rewarding experience to learn about the hospitality industry at grass root levels. The institute has been vital in helping me create a strong foundation and understanding of hotel operations and guest service management.
    The modules at IHM-A were designed keeping in vision a practical exposure of hotel operations and hospitality verticals. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work with Radisson Hotels as Guest Service Management Trainee and The Leela, Mumbai as Corporate Sales Executive. I currently work as a Sales Manager at my Family Business set-up in suburban Mumbai.

    Chahat SainiSales Manager, GCC Hotel And Club, Mumbai.Class of 2017
  • Nikil Karunakaran

    IHM-A is a college which made students from simple to stylish, shy to confident and emotional to wise. IHM-A taught me everything, from table service to holding a round table discussion. I think the best and my most cherished memory of college would be working on a project for the Indian Merchant Chambers & MTDC with Dr. Satish and Mr. Jamal from IHCL. The opportunity not only gave us a lot of insight on the industry, it also helped us interact with industry leaders and build valuable contacts for the years to come.

    Nikil KarunakaranAssistant Sales Manager - JW Marriott, Bengaluru.Class of 2017
  • Gautam Mansinghani

    I currently am working at The Good Wife in BKC, Mumbai as a Restaurant Manager. I Love IHM-A. I am where i am only and only because of my faculty and University.

    I started off my Internship in Revenue Management with the Taj at the Corporate Office in Mumbai. I was working with Mr. Brij Bhushan Chachra and Ms. Sukriti Murarka at Express Towers.
    I started off at The Good Wife as an Assistant Restaurant Manager and I was promoted to Restaurant Manager within a year. I currently am working with Pebble Street at The Good wife as a Restaurant Manager (It’s been a Year and a half). I will be doing a pre-opening of our new brand with the same company in September, 2019.

    I personally believe the education i received at IHM-A is top notch. I really am grateful that I had amazing faculty like Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma, Mr. Gautam Sen, Mr. Saurabh Krishna, Mrs. Meena Sinha, Chef Samir Mulaokar, Mr. Rakesh Katyayani and Mr. Rushad Kavina who constantly supported me and taught me.
    This is my journey post IHM-A in a nutshell.

    Gautam MansinghaniRestaurant Manager, “The Good Wife”, MumbaiClass of 2017
  • Zainab Fatima

    IHM-A has always been a major part in my life. The 4 year college life has prepared all of us to face the industry with courage and confidence.
    We do not realize when we are studying there but everyday has added to our learning and today when we look back, we are able to utilize all those learnings in our day to day life.
    My journey so far has been full of thrill and excitement, everyday has been a new learning, I have got opportunity to move cities which has been a cherry on my cake.
    I have faced the real industry challenges and have with the team together achieved the goals. Throughout the learning one learning from college has been constant -
    When we enter the industry we are suddenly exposed to the heavy schedule and we all start running the race to reach the goal of life, but I remember the faculty always told us that at the end of the day no matter how busy you get in life always remember the battle we are fighting is for ourselves therefore take a pause, value your upbringing, yourself and try to retain the thoughts.
    That’s the major learning that we hold with ourselves till today and will always.

    Zainab FatimaAssistant Manager Revenue- Pullman & Novotel, New DelhiClass of 2017
  • Mehak Dhupar

    I would want to thank IHM-A for the exposure it has given me. It is a great institute and the only hotel management college which has revenue management as a separate subject.

    The 4 year course is broken down in such a way that it gives opportunities at the right time to step into the real world. This opens up an array of opportunities to figure out where your passion lies as an individual.

    After going through the internship and then being selected for the management trainee program, here I stand today as the Assistant Revenue Manager of three wonderful properties. I thank my college for this opportunity.

    Mehak DhuparAssistant Revenue Manager, IHCL.Class of 2018
  • Anahita Dhondy

    IHM-A gave me some of the best years of my life. From making new friends, learning everything I know about food and cooking, to spending time in the biggest and best library (on food books) in India, it taught me so much about the industry in which I am today. It taught me the basics, gave me opportunities, pushed me, challenged me, yet nurtured me with the guidance. I always do Thank IHM-A and all my professors for everything I am today. It is an integral part of my learning and I cherish everyday spent there.

    Anahita DhondyChef Manager, SodaBottleOpenerWala (A unit of Olive Bar and Kitchen) Class of 2012
  • Aditya Mohan

    A transformational experience that helped me learn critical thinking, practical analysis and the value of hard work early on. The faculty are closely involved and customise their guidance and mentoring to each person, and am glad to say still in touch with their students so many years later!

    Aditya MohanGlobal Business Lead FMCG/CPG, GoogleClass of 2005
  • Anshuman Pancholi

    Time spent at IHM-A gave me a strong professional & personal foundation that shall always be the base of my growth. All credit to the faculty & team that inculcated learnings and values in me. Most memorable three years of my education!

  • Kanav Mata

    Academically, the course was structured and designed in an effective, efficient and engaging manner . This was in turn delivered by faculty of the highest quality which made it easier for the student to comprehend and understand what was being taught. This was important, but not my biggest takeaway from the three years spent there.

    My biggest takeaway was the life lessons that IHM -A teaches you - lessons that one uses till now. It prepares you for the world to come, It prepares you to embark on that journey called life. It was the best thing that could happen to a 18 year old out of school - the amalgamation of knowledge, skills and behaviours that one picks up from there is something I still use till date.

    IHM-A, without a shadow of doubt has made me what I am today.

    Kanav MataDeputy General Manager - Training Operations, BrainPlay Learning Solutions LLPAdditionally providing solutions in the space of Healthcare, KPO's, BPO'sClass of 2005
  • Aashna Grewal

    From classroom learning to industry exposure, IHM - A helped me evolve into becoming the strong confident woman that I am today. It challenged us on so many subjects and developed our critical thinking abilities like I never imagined before. The faculty's guidance and the resources available at the institue were absolutely unparallel to any. I have been in the hospitality industry for almost 8 years now, having started my career as a Marriott Voyager, working for them at different properties in India for almost 6 years and now continuing it here in San Francisco. I am very thankful to my IHM-A family for giving me such a memorable experience that I will cherish forever.

    Aashna GrewalSenior Sales Manager + California Certified Realtor, Pier 2620 Hotel Fisherman's Wharf (owned by - Marriott Vacations Club)Class of 2009